Photo 868I was born and raised in St. Helena, a small town based in Napa Valley California. Growing up I spent much of my time outdoors; from climbing in the redwoods in my back yard, to spending days on the water at Lake Barryessa. When I was younger my weekends consisted of following my father around our large backyard and garden scattered with redwoods and maples. I learned how to grow and produce my own fruits and vegetables, how to cook what I had harvested, and then how to compost and reuse all of the remaining waste.  This is where my foundation of my appreciation for nature and sustainability was formed.

On top of the heavy influences from my childhood, my extensive travels has helped mold me to become the person that I am today. My appreciation for the environment is ever-expanding, and seeing many different parts of the world has made a great contribution to that. I have traveled to over ten states and over ten countries, anywhere from Costa Rica, to Haiti, France and the Azores. In seeing first, second, and third world countries my respect and appreciation for different cultures, and beliefs has broadened my own.


I began college five years ago not knowing exactly what path I would choose for my future. I began college as undeclared, and then switching to a Biology major not long after. This contributes to the strong biology background I have today. At some point I became frustrated and unsettled in the major I was In. I was lacking the passion behind math, biology and chemistry that most of my colleagues had. This caused my to reflect back on what I had become passionate about in my childhood. Not long after I realized that becoming an Environmental Studies major would provide me with the opportunities to utilize this passion I had developed at a young age.

After graduation I plan to become an officer in the United States Airforce though Officer Candidate School, where my goal is to go into the Environmental Restoration Division. My choice to join is strongly influenced by my passion for the environmental and sustainability, as well as my strong military family background. I greatly look forward to this next chapter.


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